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Product Description

Bluetooth CD Receiver with Built-in 4 x 45W RMS Digital Amplifier


Enjoy simple control and deep, clean sound throughout the car. Music, navigation, messaging, and call features are all easy to use thanks to a new and improved interface and voice control. EXTRA BASS™ and a powerful amp bring every track to life.




Delve into deeper, more realistic sound with Dynamic Stage Organizer and EXTRA BASS™. Build customers a bespoke in-car sound system using three 5V pre-outs and external amplifiers. With three high-voltage pre-outs, easily expand the system with power amplifiers to drive speakers and subwoofers.




A built-in class-D amp delivers huge power with minimal interference, for audio that's crystal clear even at its loudest. Circuitry and components are carefully laid out for low-noise, highly efficient electric power transmission. Placing the power block close to the input and amp minimizes power loss, while electrolytic capacitors ensure precise, responsive bass. An oversized heat sink with an optimally designed fin structure ensures efficient ventilation for the amp.






Dual Bluetooth® connectivity lets users connect two smartphones simultaneously

Voice control with Siri Eyes Free and Android

High-power amplifier delivers clear, natural-sounding audio

Create virtual speakers with the Dynamic Stage Organizer

AOA 2.0-compatible USB terminal

Easily set up basic audio controls from the steering wheel without a signal converter, on compatible vehicles.

FLAC compatibility lets users play lossless audio files

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